"The team from Debitos has build up an efficient debt market place for Europe"

Dr. Axel Wieandt

Advisor, Debitos GmbH

"The team from Debitos has build up an efficient debt market place for Europe"

Dr. Axel Wieandt

Advisor, Debitos GmbH

Advantages of selling on Debitos

Banks and corporates benefit with Debitos from access to more than 800 institutional investors and realize a number of advantages!

Complete process control

You select the buyers you wish to grant access to your auction. You also determine the auction’s duration and set a reserve price that must be met for a transaction to close.

Revision-proof true sale

You profit from a revision-proof true sale. All risks are transferred in their entirety together with potential future revenues to the final buyer.

Full transparency

All loans, claims and real estates are sold in an auction process. You will be informed in real time about every bid.

Freeing-up resources

Selling loans, claims and real estates allows you to clean up your balance sheet and free-up resources to focus on your core business.

Unparalleled speed

Due diligence, Q&A and pricing take place directly on Debitos. Providing a sale and purchase agreement as part of the due diligence helps to avoid lengthy SPA negotiations.

Highest security standards

Your data is encrypted for transfer and stored in a computer center that meets the high security requirements of Banking Infrastructure.

Tradable products


Loans against corporates/public entities

  • Performing backed / not backed with real estate
  • Non-performing backed / not backed with real estate

Loans against individuals

  • Non-performing backed / not backed with real estate


  • Bankruptcy
  • Litigation

Real estates

  • All kinds of real estates

How it works for sellers

Step 1:

Selection of financial products to sell on the Debitos Marketplace

Step 2:

Data upload, setting the reserve price and duration for the auction

Step 3:

Due diligence, valuation and bidding by investors. The highest bid wins

Step 4:

Transfer of documents in exchange for the purchase price


Fee structure

Indicative phase:

€ 5.000

Project work data preparation on site:

1/2 Day

Senior per day
€ 500

Junior per day
€ 300

We want to be as successful as you. Therefore we charge a fee, but only after the successful sale. The bids submitted by our investors must exceed the set reserve price. In the process, the fee for the sale depends on the category in which you sell your debts.

Please feel free to contact us if you are uncertain about your reserve price. We offer total transparency in every case.

The following fee calculator will help you to calculate the performance-related fee according to category and revenue of the sale.

Calculate now

Fee: Asset backed debts and real estates

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Fee: Other financial products

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We offer you a free indicative valuation of your claims, loans or bad debt. Simply complete the form, attach all relevant documents, and we will get back to you shortly. You are then free to start an auction to sell your claims/loans on Debitos. Please note that we only evaluate something with a nominal amount of 1,000,000 (EUR/USD).

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